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First and most important. I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words and condolences on my last journal. That was a huge comfort for me and my Family. It still hurts, but we have to move on, for our sake as well as grandma’s. I’m sure that’s what she would’ve wanted.

Work’s been bustling lately but I think i finally found my pace so things should go smoother. Wich hopefully will mean more drawing and writing time for me. I want to get back to work on Persona – Chaos Butterfly and draw some of my characters from games and tv shows i’ve been developing now.

Ah yes, games and animes/toons have been a major source of stress relief for me over the past years. Not only they provide some much needed distraction from the stressful work routine but they also help me exercise my imagination. You can get so many ideas while playing those I started carrying a small notebook with me to make sure i don’t forget them for the future.

I probably mentioned this on a previous jornal or on one of my drawings, but for the games/series I really like I tend to make some fan characters and my lead girls who are usually based on myself in order to Interact better with the plot/story and characters as well as for roleplay purpouses.

Either way, the reason i’m writting this is because i felt like sharing some of mine currently favorite games/series with you guys as well as make some introductions of my lead girls for each one so you guys can have a sneak peak of what i’m trying to work with. I have no idea when i’ll draw them though, so expect the unexpected.

So without further ado, let’s get to it:

Saint Seiya – One of the best animes ever, in my humble opinion. Greek Mythology, astrology, epic fights, wicked armors and amazing characters. What else could you want? While rather violent, it shows great character development as well lessons ya can carry for your entire life. Also it got a wicked fighting game soon to be released. Too awesome to pass it up.
My Lead girl – Daena/Dae: You guys have seen her quite often lately. An unexpected chain of events led her to meeting the five bronze saints and becoming the Apus saint and now she has to find out who she really is if she wants to protect her new friends, Athena, and the world, from the growing evil.
Personality: Friendly, resourceful, low self-steem, reckless.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Teen Turtles trained in the way of the ninja by a mutant rat that fight na evil ninja organization. That’s the main setting, but it also deals with things like Family, growing up, finding your place in the world and honor. Both 2003 and 2012 series approaches these matters and make you relate to our heroes in a half-shell.
My Lead girl – Tiffany/Tiff: The eldest adoptive daughter of a Young ninjistu practioner and friend of Master Splinter, Tiffany has known the turtles since they were toodlers. When she and her siblings become mutants, tragedy strikes her Family. Master Splinter and his sons take them in and now Tiffany vows to become a true warrior to protect her new life and Family.
Personality: Caring, level-headed, blunt, overprotective.

Kingdom Hearts – An unlikely combination of Disney and Final Fantasy that turned into some of the most amazing and complex storylines ever. Watching a goofball like Sora grow into a hero without losing what makes him such a lovely character... It’s inspiring.
My Lead girl – Dashielle/Dashu: An in-training keyblade wielder from Daybreak Town, Dashu was quite adept in using it to battle the darkness all over the world . However the loss of a close friend caused her to reject the keyblade and so she set out on a journey with a ragtag group of friends that ironically led her to an adventure alongside another keyblade wielder.
Personality: Empathic, Honest, Stubborn, Sarcastic,

Sonic The Hedgehog – A videogame icon. Even though people seem to only complain about the games more than anything nowadays, the blue blur always has a special place in our hearts. Never giving up, Always rushing out to face evil to protect others. Sonic may be a free-spirit, but he’s also one guy you can Always count with.
My Lead girl – Tessie/Tess: A genetically enginered girl created using human and Wolf DNA, created to be a weapon, Tessa was rescued by a secret agent and raised as a normal (as normal as you can get when you have Wolf ears, tails and paws) girl that also plays on a rock band. When Eggman attacks her hometown to turn it into the new home of his empire, her band runs into Sonic and friends and together they team up to foil Eggman’s plans.
Personality: Creative, Clever, Shy, worrywart,

Megaman X With the Discovery of X, Reploids, Robots that can think, feel and make their own decisions, are born. For unknown reasons, some Reploids began to act strange and attacked humans, being labeled Mavericks. To counter any possible threat, the Maverick Hunters were formed. This series is what that got me into drawing, writing and roleplaying. I don’t think i need to say anything else.
My Lead girl – Stardust/Star: This one you guys know well. One of my main characters, a girl turned into reploid in order to contain powerful magic/computer program that can either heal or kill others to prevent such power from falling into wrong hands. Some time after her awakening, she found herself under the care of the maverick hunters and become head of the field research team. She has a penchant for mystic and magic.
Personality: Motherly, mature, witty, impatient.

Legend of Legaia – A strange mist blankets the world of Legaia. It has brought madness and rage to all it touches especially the Seru creatures, which have been changed into killers by the mist. Still, there is hope. A fateful meeting leads to a quest to revive the seven genesis trees and find the truth about the mist once and for all. Seriously, this game is really underrated in my opinion. Unique combat system, amazing plot and interesting characters.
My Lead girl – Diana/Di: Another oldie, but goldie of mine. Diana washed up ashore on Rim Elm one day with no recollection of her past life prior to that. Skilled with a saber and biron martial arts, she trains alongside her new friend Vahn to become a Hunter and support the village that took her in until a night changes everything and she sets out with him to reveal the truth of the mist, the seru and her own story.
Personality: Articulate, loyal, headstrong, daredevil

Project X Zone – The world is in the middle of a quiet chaos. Shadows lurk behind the unchanging peacefulness of everyday life. Twisted beings writhe unseen in the darkness. Mysterious dimensional portals connect the real world to others more fantastic. A huge crossover game that actually started with NamcoxCapcom (too bad that game was never released outside japan) with an amazing cast of characters from some of the biggest names in game industry. Truly wicked.
My Lead girl – Lielselotte/Liel: A girl infused with the power of the Kumiho (Korean nine-tailed fox) by Ouma (an ancient organization whose goal is to bring chaos to the world) to fulfill their evil agenda. Rescued as an child by Shinra (another ancient organization that fights against otherwordly threats and Ouma) she was raised by one of their top agents to be a strong warrior of the forces of good. Her grudge against Ouma for ruining her and her sisters' childhood coupled with her resolve to honor the agent that raised her is her main drive to get to the bottom of the interdimensional phenomena and prevent the worlds from falling apart.
Personality: Focused, Throrough, short-tempered, rude

Skylanders – Skylands, a realm filled with magic and wonder, is often under attack from evil. Portal masters and Skylanders defended their world for generations from various threats keeping peace and balance in their world, battling the forces of darkness, and protecting the Core of Light. Among the skylanders is Spyro the Dragon, a childhood favorite of mine. (I don’t collect the figures only because over 70% haven’t been released in brazil. Not to mention the ones that have are way expensive, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game.)
My Lead girl – Illyana/Lyana: The daughter of one of the last portal masters, Illyana spent her childhood at a secluded village learning about magic and dreaming of living big adventures like the ones she read about. Her world is turned upside down when her home wrecked by a dark portal máster. Luckily she’s rescued by the skylanders just in the nick of time. With her father’s portal of power and that tutelage of Master Eon, it’s up to Illyana bond with the skylanders and save Skylands from certain doom.
Personality: Booksmart, kind, sensitive, immature

Grand Sphere – Explore the wonders of "Astrum" ― a world filled with mystery and magic! Risk it all to return what is lost! You are a Grand Sphere, one who possesses an immense power only granted to few that can connect to the Sphere, the source of power of all living beings. Command your knights to protect Astrum and rescue Princess Stella of the Tellan Empire against the Dark Spheres, monsters that feed upon Sphere and threatens to destroy the world! Your adventure as a Grand Sphere begins NOW!
My Lead girl – Asherah/Sherah: Asherah is the daughter of a human mother and a Kirin (a youkai that resembles a unicorn/dragon) father, the guardian of a majestic being known as Summon. Her family protected the Summon and the forest it lived until Dark Spheres attacked the forest to devour the Summon, their attack started a huge fire causing the death of her parents. Ashrah almost died as well, only to be rescued by a young man and a little automaton girl. The battle causes her powers as a Grand Sphere to awake. Once the danger is past, her saviors take her to Stella, princess of of the Tellan Empirem, childhood friend of Asherah's savior and a Grand Sphere as well. Once learning about Grand Spheres and that she wields the same power, Asherah decides to master her powers as a Grand Sphere to help her newfound friends and to prevent such tragedy as the one that befell her family from ocurring again.
Personality: Gentle, free-spirited, moody, naive.

Brave FrontierExplore the land of Grand Gaia and save it from the evil hordes of the corrupted fallen gods. As powerful summoners, you have the ability to conjure powerful demigods, brave warriors from the past and majestic beasts to fight for you! My first mobile rpg, i was attracted due the cute art style, character design and sprites as well unique plot.
My Lead girl – Kiriko/Riko : An orphan recruited to be a summoner after she saved an Elder from bandits by summoning one the six legendary heroes. After years of training she becomes a Strong summoner able to communicate with all kinds of warriors, gods and beast from past ages. Being the chosen one by a goddess to fight the so called fallen gods, she embarks on a quest of self Discovery and to learn the truth beyond the battle of the gods and Grand Gaia.
Personality: Hardy, independent, daydreamer, scatter-brained,

Merc StoriaA mysterious young boy possesses the power of "healing" which is an ability of turning those cruel monsters into gentle and lovely pets. Encouraged by his friend, a mysterious girl imprisoned inside a bottle, Merc, the boy decides to start an amazing journey with her to find her origin. Cute artstyle, diferent monsters you can equip to make yourself stronger, unique Characters. A big adventure and pretty easy to play too.
My Lead girl – Alexis/Alex: A girl from a prestigious Family of alchemists runs away from home to learn alchemy by herself and escape the strict and overbearing lifestyle she had on her home. On her journeys she meets a boy that can heal wild creatures and turn them into gentle loyal pets. Curious about this she sets out with him to travel the world, meet more pets and máster her own style of alchemy. (Fun fact: she is Alex, my old character from Fusion Fall)
Personality: Cheerful, Hard worker, Hyper, Ditzy

Criminal Case – A Hidden Objects game that also mix crime scene investigation. Eversince I started watching CSI i was hooked on mystery series and this game never fails to impress. As a homicide detective it’s up to you to bring murderers to justice while unconvering dark secrets and knowing better your team mates who are all really interesting and unique characters.
My Lead girl – Kanami/Nami: A genius prodigy able to break almost any code and solve diferente kinds of puzzles, Kanami had a normal life until a car accident claimed the lifes of her Family. Devasted but not broken, Kanami studies and work hard to become a detective and joins the local police force, hoping to bring justice for those that can’t speak for themselves.
Personality: Intelligent, Perceptive, lonely, eccentric.

Phantom of the KillIn a world of fantasy and science, two group known as Killer Princesses and Killer Princes, living manifestations of weapons, is battling against demons to restore unity to their world and regain their memories lost. A tactic 3D RPG with only female characters at first and voiced in japanese. Unfortunately the english version hasn’t been released yet so I don’t have much more info on the game plot.
My Lead girl – Barbara/Barbie: The Elder of six sisters, Barbara is a bit of a fashion designer and blacksmith, making outfits and accesories for a living and crafting armors and weapons for a hobby. Things take an interesting turn when she is rescued by a lone swordswoman from the attack of a demon and she now finds herself and her sisters tangled in the mystery behind the Killer Princesses and their own lost heritage.
Personality: Altruist, Determinated, selfconcious, airheaded

Chain ChronicleAssemble and lead an army in forging your own story. Control a Young captain in charge of leading a Volunteer Army in protecting the land of Yggdra against the invading Black Army, dark monsters that can corrupt others and turn them into demons. Got several classes and also japanese voices and characters with their unique stories.
My Lead girl – Charlotte/Lottie: A girl changed into a squirrel beastkin after a bizzarre accident involving magic research. Not wanting to be treated as a guinea pig, she runs away to live in the wild as a wanderer while practicing her own style of magic combat. During her travels, she meets a Young man accompanied by a little Sprite. As both didn’t care about her appearance and offered her their friendship, she was deeply touched by that and vowed to accompany them in their quest to save Yggdra from the Black Army.
Personality: Easygoing, curious, rebelious, harsh

Crusaders QuestForm a ragtag group of crusaders to journey to save the legendary Goddesses and unlock their special powers to repel the mysterious darkness from the land in order to find the source of the monster madness in the world. Push out the rampaging beasts and wipe the wild corruption from the world. Classic 16-bit graphics and addicting soundtrack give this game quite na interesting twist on the rpg genre.
My Lead girl – Cynthea/Thea: A cat-girl adopted by farmers Cynthea Always tried hard to fit in somewhere and help others, but the only thing she seemed to be good at was fighting. So she bands with other kemonomimi (animal eared) girls to form a mercenary group to protect their village, but their plans soon change as they find themselves in a mission to stop darkness from spreading across the land. A quest for the sacred goddesses begins. 
Personality: Playful, Athletic, clumsy, loud

Age of Ishtaria – The land teeters on the brink of destruction. An immense force of raw destruction, known only as Storm, ravages the land leaving nothing but death and ruin. Though you may have lost your memory, you have the power to save Ishtaria. Together with Meru, Witch of Ages; Salix, last of the Mandragora; and a host of powerful warriors, you will save Ishtaria - or die trying. Another card style rpg but with na unique battle style.
My Lead girl – Himiko/Miko: A girl with no recollection of her past life prior to meeting Salix and Meru but with the uncanny ability to communicate with spirits, Himiko wanders Ishtaria hoping to find the answer to who she is, why she has this link with spirits and how to stop the vicious storm from ravaging the land.
Personality: Quiet, polite, unpredicable, outsider

Well that’s my current top fandoms. I have many ideas that keep poping up I have to write them down. I hope to have at least the girls’ concepts and outfits ready soon. Like I said the main ones are based on myself but i want to make them as unique as possible as seeing so many diferent things really broadens one’s horizons.

You guys might be asking though: how come My Little Pony, Persona, Pokémon or Digimon aren’t there. The answer is simple: while these are also my favorite games/series I don’t feel the same attachment to them as the others in order to create a character for each one of it. However they were source of inspiration for creating some of my characters for the above list.

Hope these tidbits of Info were interesting to you guys. I really recommend you guys trying these out.

Hopefully more art, drawn and written, should be done soon. Take care and see ya soon.


Here we go again!
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